We offer a unique system of individual instruction. Ability rather than age alone determines the student’s academic level. For example, a student could be reading at the third grade level, doing second grade math, while in the first grade depending on his/her ability. We use the Montessori Method and supplement in all areas with enrichment activities so that you child receives a well-balanced program. Our Montessori curriculum is aligned with the state standards at each grade level. We stress basic skills: Math, Geography, History, Science, Music and Art Appreciation are studied during our daily class work. Children are taught to use reading as a tool to find facts and communicate ideas effectively.

     Our goal is to develop in your child a life-long love of learning. Our program will help your child to establish a sense of order and ability to organize his/her work and ideas. Concentration and self-discipline evolve from a quiet well-organized classroom.

     Character training is one of our most important jobs at this level of education. We strive to develop habits of orderliness, carefulness, obedience, honesty, cooperation, perseverance, self-control and responsibility in each child. We use a carefully prepared environment that is developed to help each child succeed and grow at his/her own pace.