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Not only is it loved by parents and students alike our Montessori Method has been proven to improve nearly every aspect of any child's academic and non-academic future and we are sure it can work for your children's future too.


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"Most important, my son is enjoying the learning process"

My son entered Westlake Montessori one year ago and has flourished emotionally and academically. I am highly impressed with the academic curriculum taught at the school and how advanced my son is after one year with reading, writing, numeric and life skills. My son is currently fully reading books at night, accomplishing spelling tests, deciphering time from hands on clocks, learning to count money, and so forth... and has not even begun Kindergarten! Most important, my son is enjoying the learning process. As a result of my experience at Westlake Montessori (and comparing against two other pre-schools my son also attended) I highly recommend Westlake Montessori.

"He never wants to go home"

My daughter went here for five years and she loved it. She blossomed to be this smart little girl who learned to love to read and write at 4years old. She left the school so advance in all areas. When she entered public school the teacher was very impressed. My 2 year old is currently attending now and he himself loves it too. He never wants to go home. I am very pleased with all the loving and caring teachers. I strongly recommend this school.

"Great hours for working parents"

We have had our daughter enrolled here since she was 3 and have been very, very happy with the teachers, curriculum and staff. Our daughter is reading and doing basic match and she's not even 5 yet. Teachers teach using the montessori methods, which means kids move at their own pace and develop a lot of independence. Great hours for working parents and they don't require full potty training for the little ones (the "peer pressure" element helped our daughter finish potty training within a month or two of enrollment). Our daughter could skip a grade if we allowed her to, and i credit this school.

Welcome to Westlake Montessori

What Make Us Your Best Choice?

Let's face it modern education forces children to practice short-term memorization, passive learning, and cramming for a test only to forget it all the next day.
That's where our Montessori Method comes in. Montessori Education builds up the practical skills that are necessary and applicable to real world success:​

  • Skills that are both beneficial for academic and future success! Improved outcomes in nearly all academic disciplines from language comprehension to mathematics. Critical-thinking and problem solving are also greater in those who attended Montessori Schools. The most sought after and essential traits for all career paths. 
  • Studies show even stronger improvements in important non-academic qualities like self-regulation, social skills, and creativity. By focusing our education around your child it promotes self-control, discipline, and their natural talents.
  • Especially important in today's society... higher levels of long-term psychological well being is a remarkable effect of Montessori Education. Enhanced feelings of healthiness, happiness, and successfulness are not only great in themselves but also amazing predictors of actual health, longevity, and performance. 
  • Timing Matters! All the exceptionally developments of Montessori Education are further improved in those who attend Montessori programs during preschool and elementary grade levels. "The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago, the second best time is today."

Westlake Montessori Gives Your Children Everything They Need To Succeed

Who Are We For?

You Are Our Dream Students

  • Ages: 2 Years Old - 7 Years Old
  • Hours: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Days: Monday - Friday
  • Flexible: Alternate Hours and Days Available
  • Everyone: Students of Any Academic Levels Supported​

What Do We Do For You?

We Take Them To A Higher Level

  • Math: Both Pure and Applied Mathematics 
  • Reading: Spelling and Reading 
  • Science: Variety of Concepts and Live Experiments​​
  • Group Events: Singing, Dancing, and Performances
  • ​Focus: At Their Level, To Their Strengths

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